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Providing comprehensive dentistry services to families in the Niagara area since 1952 is the McCullough Group. A trusted family practice, the McCullough Group also focuses on dental implants, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, teeth whitening and offers patients complete denture services. And for patients who are fearful of routine dentistry or those who desire a more comfortable experience during longer procedures the McCullough Group offers intravenous sedation for all procedures.

The McCullough Group today represents not only the distillation of the efforts of our predecessors but the continuing efforts and energies of our present staff. The practice has always taken pride in providing comprehensive dental service to all people. Patients are the reason for the existence of the practice and our commitment to continuing education, innovative techniques and standards of excellence result in the best possible care for our patients. We pride ourselves on our reputation as dependable health service professionals who know our patients.

  • Family Dentistry

    The McCullough Group has proudly provided dentistry for families in the Niagara area since 1952 and new patients are always welcome. More...

  • Implants

    Dental implants are substitutes for teeth and are today’s best alternative to your natural teeth. They are specialized titanium fixtures placed into the jaw underneath the gum that biologically bond to living bone. More...

  • Whitening

    As well as providing teeth whitening at The McCullough Group we offer a more comprehensive smile makeover service. More...

  • Dentures

    Are you looking for a dentist with a full-service denture repair lab? McCullough Dental Group can take care of your denture needs right inside of our offices. More...

  • Dentistry Asleep

    If you’re one of the numerous patients who feel pain or anxiety during dentistry, Dentistry Asleep can allow you to receive dental care in complete comfort. More...