Joe Della Marina DD, our Denturist, is an integral part of our health care team.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Dentures don’t last forever. Denture teeth wear, stain, and denture bases must be re-fitted to the gums after a period of time because gums and bones shrink and change continually. Dentures should be relined every three years, and replaced after five years. Annual examinations are a good idea, such that conditions that give rise to potential problems are evaluated. For example, a strong bite versus a mild bite; physical health changes, in particular excessive weight loss or gain; oral cancer; bone shrinkage and tooth shifting of remaining teeth – all cause poor fit and function of dentures.

Denture Repair

We offer repairs, as well as relines, usually same-day service. Soft liners may be the correct option for some people with severely flat gums, chronic soreness or a sharp bony gum-line. Soft liners offer more comfort for these individuals, and in some cases, more stability to the denture. Visit us for a consultation to learn more about soft liners.

What Denture Is Right For Me?

Implant Dentures

Our most successful solution! Whether you have either partial or full dentures, by adding implants you gain stability and retention that was previously unimaginable. Please see our Implant Dentistry Services page.

Implant Dentures

Partial Dentures

We offer a wide variety of partial dentures from invisible partials, cast metal partials, and temporary acrylic partials. Partial dentures with implants are a highly successful hybrid solution to many problematic situations.

Immediate Dentures

This solution is for those individuals who cannot go without teeth even for one day. These dentures are of a temporary nature just to get you by until healing is complete, usually after four to six months. New permanent dentures may then be fabricated.

Daily Care

Dentures should be taken out at night so that the gums get a chance to relax. Brushing your gums with an extra soft tooth brush will keep them firm and healthy. Use of denture cleaners available at your pharmacy can help keep dentures fresh and stain free

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